Frequently Asked Questions

Treat this page like a deep breath — soothing, grounding, and helps to clear your mind.

I am utilizing this space to address some common questions when considering documentary family photography.

Doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.
— Pooh
  1. What about the mess?

YOU SEE: Clothes hanging off the dining room chairs.

I SEE: The light in your child’s eyes as they are giggling after slathering chocolate on their face at the dining room table.

YOU SEE: A kitchen full of dirty dishes.

I SEE: The opportunity for a family activity involving bubbles and laughter.

YOU SEE: Unfinished house projects, scrapes on the wall, and every unflattering detail within your house.

I SEE: Moments and memories in the making.

When you look back at your photos, my goal is to capture a moment so touching and honest that you forget to look past it into the smaller details. Or even better, add them to the narrative of your life in that moment. Because when you look back, those details won’t feel so much like mountains. They will be threads interwoven into the tapestry of your life.

Do what makes you comfortable. If you’d like to pick up a little bit before I come to your home for a session, go for it! If you are ok having a little bit of true-to-life mess, that’s just as good. You do you, I’m just along for the ride.

2. What do we DO While you’re here?

My best answer comes in the form of another question — what would you do if I wasn’t there?

Do you wrangle getting both kids dressed and ready solo while somehow making sure everyone is also fed and thriving and ready to take on the day? GO YOU! Do that, you modern day superhero!

Do you have dance parties in your living room just because? Fun! Me too. Do that.

Do you guys lounge on the couch on Saturday mornings watching cartoons while eating freezer waffles with whipped cream? AMAZING. Do that!

Do you clean your house on the weekend as a family? Honestly, please do this, what a cool family dynamic thing that I would love to capture.

Make pancakes, go to the store, let the kids jump on their beds while you do the dishes, take a nap on the couch while your spouse plays legos with your toddler in the next room, hug your child while they meltdown in your arms — I am here for all of it, and I promise that I will uncover some magic within the “normal” that you know so well.



3. what makes this different from a lifestyle photography session?

Documentary family photography is unlike anything you’ve experienced in a photoshoot before, but is somehow so familiar and comfortable that it might surprise you. But what does that mean?

It means — No rushing the kids out the door. No panicking over the fact that your toddler just spilled chocolate milk on the only coordinating shirt you have for them. No hoping for good weather so you don’t have to reschedule AGAIN. No having to pressure your kids and your partner to “smile for just one more photo!”. No more hoping you got at least “one good shot” of your family. No more faking it ‘til you make it.

So imagine a photoshoot without all of those things. Where it’s just you and your family doing your thing, fully in your element. No pressure to perform, no expectations. THAT. That right there is what I document. I am along for the ride and have the chance to capture your beautiful, magical, full life in vibrant detail.


4. why would I want images of my every day life? and how will you get any good photos of us if we don’t get dressed up and prepare for the shoot?


“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld

The biggest thing I ask of my clients (outside of trust) is to go into a documentary family photo experience with me with no pre-conceived notions about what a photoshoot is “supposed” to be or feel like.

You go on with your life and I just happen to be there to document it.

It might feel a little awkward at first. You might find yourself not knowing what to do. If so, do JUST that — nothing.

BUT you’ll find that after an hour or so you likely won’t even notice me unless I pop into a conversation. The photos that I capture with will not be the classic concept of a “good photo”.

You may not get a shot of everyone smiling at the camera unless you ask me for one (which yes, I will spend a few minutes here or there snapping these for you if you’d like!). However, you will end up with the story of a moment in time with your family. Your family dynamic captured in imagery. All of the love, the chaos, the joy, the tears, the unexpectedly humorous — I capture it all from my point of view and offer it back to you as a memory to hold onto forever.