Why it Matters - Your Life, Documented Through Someone Else's Lens

Welcome back, everyone! Here I am, showing up on a Monday ready to share my heart on a new subject — why it’s important for someone else to document your life from their perspective.

Let’s start by addressing this common line of thinking:

“I have a cell phone with a pretty good camera and I’m already documenting my everyday life. Why should I hire you to do this when I’m basically already doing it myself?”

Ah, yes. Aren’t our phones such an awesome blessing and rad piece of tech?

Heck yes!

Image (c) Alisha Skeel Photography 2018

Image (c) Alisha Skeel Photography 2018

Are they also often a source of anxiety, comparison, and steal way more of our attention than we would like to admit?


We spend so much time with our eyes on that tiny screen, continuously feeling pressured to capture our lives more than be present in the moment. SO. To give you a chance to be fully present during your session with me…

I ask your family to “unplug” for the day, as much as possible.

Yes, you read that right. No, no — I’m not talking about watching morning cartoons or lounging while watching a family movie. I’m talking about that pesky little cellphone or tablet that inserts itself into your life without a thought. I also know this is a big ask. However, the reason why I ask for this might surprise you.

When you aren’t engaging with technology, you are…

  • …being present in the moment with your family.

  • …noticing the little things: what makes your child smile, or how their eyes light up when you ask them to have a dance party. How your partner lovingly sneaks a glance at you when you are washing dishes. Split seconds of emotion that come and go without a word.

  • …engaging with the humans beside you as well as your surroundings.

  • …spending more time in conversation with those around you, sharing everything from hopes and dreams to grocery lists and plans for the day.

  • …showing up and inserting yourself into the visual narrative you are often absent from because you were capturing the moment instead of living it.

That is what I can offer you. I visually place YOU — the beautiful, complex, do-it-all, behind the scenes personality — back into the narrative of your life. As a fully present, mostly undistracted part of the team. You are an integral part of your family unit, and you deserve to be a part of your visual family story too.

How many photos do you have of you saving the day by kissing a boo-boo? How about photos of you hugging your kids or snuggling with the dog? What about those meaningful glances that come and go in a split second? Or the way your kid watches you with admiration when you are cooking dinner or folding laundry?

Image (c) Alisha Skeel Photography 2018

Image (c) Alisha Skeel Photography 2018

As your photographer I get to offer you something pretty special: a series of frozen moments that portray not only how unique and magical your family dynamic is, but also just how loved you are.

Imagery that shows the gritty reality of a life that may feel overwhelming and messy, but when viewed from an outside perspective tells a bigger story than that. It tells the story of the love and care and emotion that comes with each interaction.

When you unplug and your family chooses to be present and embrace life as you know it, those special snippets shine through without effort. There's no need to try and create artificial moments because they form all on their own. You don’t need to disconnect and try to capture something that’s happening because I’m right there doing it for you…and even including you in the frame.

Image (c) Alisha Skeel Photography 2018

Image (c) Alisha Skeel Photography 2018

As an outsider, I see so much life and beauty in what to you may seem ordinary. I don’t have to seek them out because they are just there. They already exist.

Let me be that person for you. Let me capture your life from a new point of view. And when you decide to unplug, you get to experience it wholeheartedly in the moment with the people you love.

Re-insert yourself into your family’s narrative. You deserve a chance to see what your love and devotion looks like from the outside. When you hire me to do just that, I promise there will be a little extra magic present in each and every image we create.

The most magical thing of all? That these images will be a reflection of your family, as you already are.

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